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Nebbi, Uganda

Northern Uganda has been devastated by years of War, AIDS, and Poverty. Over 2 million children below the age of 15 have lost one or both parents to this devastation. Without help these children will have little hope for the future; growing up without food, shelter, or an education. Fortunately, a man with a vision of hope for these children established "Acres of Hope, Uganda".

Before the pod houses at Acres of Hope were constructed, before the land was even purchased, Pastor Geoffrey was doing all that he could to not only support his family, but also the numerous orphans and vulnerable children around him. Food was always shared with the community and when he had spare change, it went to school fees for a child who did not have someone else to support him/her. For years, Geoffrey dreamed of a place where children would find the love of Jesus, care of a mother, a bed, three meals a day, clean water, clothing, and the opportunity for an education. 

In 2011, after a trip to Uganda, Williamsons Chapel UMC in Mooresville NC, committed to building the first four pod houses at Acres of Hope. The ground breaking ceremony was held in July and was attended by not only the orphans and the people of the nearby village, but many notable local authorities also came to express their excitement and gratitude. Each house is designed for eight children and a house mother. The house mother may bring an additional two children if she has them. Currently there are three homes completed and filled with the laughter and joy of 25 children who have a new found hope. The fourth home is not yet finished, but it is being used as three classrooms for the children. Geoffreys prayer is that he will be able to build a fifth house on the same plot, and then five more on a neighboring plot of land in the near future.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Acres of Hope!

Praise and glory to God, 2016 was a great year at Acres of Hope, thanks to the generosity of so many of you. Almost 200 students had the opportunity to further their education through sponsorship, and even more in the community benefit from the school. The first ever class of P7 students took their exams for secondary school and will receive their results this month. Two pod houses were converted to hostels which allowed Acres of Hope to accommodate nearly 70 children rather than 40. The agriculture and livestock programs grew exponentially. Several teams visited Acres of Hope throughout the year. Pastor Geoffrey had an extended tour of the United States where he enjoyed sharing meals and visiting with many friends and supporters. 

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