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About World of God

Through our partners World of God provides young people with a quality education that shapes their future, enables their success and transforms their communities. Through education, World of God envisions a future in which its students graduate with the skills needed to foster local sustainability, alleviate severe poverty and restore community prosperity.


World of God is dedicated to developing a close, personal relationship between the donor and student.  We encourage donors to write students and vice-versa.  Our coordinators in the developing country work with our students to not only help them understand letter writing (a new concept to most of the students!), but to also help them express their lives through the words they use in the letters.  We encourage donors to visit the student they support as part of mission trips.

Ways to support World of God

The primary vehicle for supporting World of God is through Scholarships, consisting of four components:
  • Contribution: Support a student through a monthly contribution ($40 or $50, depending on the country). Automated payments are available.
  • Letter writing: As part of supporting a students education, we encourage the donor to write the student frequently. The letters provide a window to the outside world for the student.
  • Visits: Each student location encourages mission trips. World of God will help arrange a visit for you on one of these mission trips so that you can personally meet the student you  support.
  • Prayers: As you become a part of the students life, World of God will keep you abreast of what is going on in the community, so that you can pray for their needs.

Financial Accountability

82.5% of every dollar is designated for direct in-country aid. Your contribution directly supports a student and the educational process of which he or she is a part, meeting the most immediate needs of your student and the community. Our partners in the developing countries are accountable for these funds and insure that your student is in school with needs provided for. World of God is committed to full disclosure and accountability for financial reporting.  Annual audited statements are posted on the  World of God web site.

World of God is a 501c3 tax exempt corporation approved by the U.S. Department of Internal Revenue. All donations are tax deductible.


World of God Financial Policy
Your World Will Change
The right charity changes the world, just as it changes us when we engage with it.
... Seth Godin
It was building up in me to help out in some way
My inspiration for sponsorship came directly from Pastor Jan as she told us (from Uganda) about sponsoring a little boy.  So I emailed her to find me a little needy girl.  She did and I did.  Also, those members of our WCUMC and West Chapel who went directly to Uganda to get involved were amazing to me.  Pastor Andrea has always had a passion for this mission also.  Last year,  I read a book about a young American girl named Kathy that served in Uganda and adopted a house full of girls and lives there now!  It was building up in me to help out in some way. 
Peggy Jones, Williamsons Chapel UMC
The Blessing Is All Mine
I provide a scholarship for Instant Derisma, who turned 19 on January 1. He is in eighth grade and walks two hours to school. Instant wants to be an engineer. I am so committed to supporting this school that I got my Sunday School class to provide scholarships for five students. I went to Bayonnais to be a blessing and ended up being blessed beyond belief.
Sandy Hieronymus , Charlotte, NC
Today was by far one of the greatest days I’ve ever had.  In the morning I was able to meet Samson, the boy who I have been sponsoring.  --First Day of Trip

It was then time to start saying our goodbyes.  This was definitely the hardest part of the entire trip.  It was even more difficult because Samson was really struggling with me leaving.  It is truly amazing the bond that you build with a child that you sponsor.  For that child, you are their family.  You will never be able to understand how important you are to that child.  Many tears were shed as we drove away for the last time.  --Last Day of Trip
Derek, Kansas
I wasn sure what to expect when arriving in Uganda for the first time. I quickly realized that these are special people, unlike any other. Acres of Hope is a light in the dark and I am so excited to not only continue working with Geoffrey, but also sweet Priscilla. I connected with her from the beginning and felt led to sponsor her. I can wait to watch her grow and see how the Lord works in her life. This is only the beginning!
Kati, Northway Church, Texas
Hair Bows And Smiles
We have been blessed to provide a scholarship for a child. Our son, Matthew Daniels, told us about this opportunity. Our child displays the joy of childhood and also the struggle she goes through to attend school, walking three miles to get there. I continue to send her hair bows etc., and love seeing her smile as she wears them.
Bunny Daniels, Charlotte, NC
Ivan is part of my family
I first met Jawiambe Ivan via a picture in the WCUMC Fellowship Hall almost 3 years ago - right after WCUMC’s first trip to Acres of Hope. His bright smile and the twinkle in his eye melted my heart. I knew right away I wanted to sponsor him. When I met him in Uganda 2 years ago, I was in awe of his intelligence, fun loving spirit, sincere kindness and again that smile. But after spending 4 days with Ivan during this April 2014 trip, as we said “see you later” on our last night, with tears running down my face, I knew he will forever be a part of my family. 
Michelle Campbell, Williamsons Chapel UMC
To Whom Much Is Given...

On our second medical mission trip to Haiti, we met Stephanie Alexandre. Since then, we have provided a scholarship for her education at the OFCB school in Bayonnais. She is nine, in second grade and her favorite subject is reading. She wants to be a nurse. Stephanie is typical of children in Bayonnais: Happy, with bright faces and loving arms. Education in the area was non-existent until the late 1990s. Now the 1,700 children and adults at the OFCB school are preparing themselves for the future. Most depend on sponsors for their education, uniform, books and one meal a day. The people of Bayonnais, even without adequate food, electricity and sometimes shoes and clean water, are happy people who show their love for us and God. Through this ministry, we think of Luke 12:48 - To whom much is given, much is expected.

Nick and Darlene Beard, Charlotte, NC
God touched my heart in so many ways
I was so fortunate to go to Bayonnais on a mission trip 3 years ago, spending time with Actionnel, and the lovely people in Haiti. I feel honored to support Abellanda,  after seeing first hand the school, community, church and getting to know the children and adults living and teaching there. God certainly touched my heart in so many ways; mostly through the kids going to school there! One of these days, I hope to go back!
Susan Davis, Matthews UMC
A Hug For Agneau
After the scholarship began, I started hearing from Agneau. He is 13 now, in third grade, the youngest of seven children. He lives in a stone hut with a tin roof. His father is a farmer, his mother deceased. He walks 15 minutes to get to school in Nicolas. Last autumn, I went on our church mission to Bayonnais, Haiti. I was able to meet Agneau on our last morning. He was hesitant at first, but broke into a big smile when I told him who I was. We talked through an interpreter. He seemed slight for 13, and clearly had just shot up by the look of his trousers. What an eager appearance he had, what a bright smile. To see him, hug him and remind him that he and his family are cared for was a life experience. There is so much to be done to help our country and our world, how can this possibly make a difference? It is making a difference to Agneau.
Mary Cappleman, Charlotte, NC
I made a connection with little Bright
On my recent visit to Uganda, I was blown away by what God is doing through Acres of Hope. I made a connection with little Bright and was moved to sponsor him. I look forward to the opportunity to write him letters, to remind him how much Jesus and I love him.
Lizzy, Northway Church, Texas
He Tore At My Heart
I have provided a scholarship for Jonalie Simeon for 3 1/2 years. It has truly been a blessing. I am touched by his letters and his gratitude for the opportunity to attend school. I chose him from a group of photographs of children needing a scholarship, and his somber expression tore at my heart. His parents are both deceased, an he now lives with his aunt and uncle.
Marsha Rexford, Charlotte, NC
She Prays For Me
I started sponsoring Merlines education in 2010. She is 13 and in second grade. I send her small packages of girlie things – jewelry, pocketbooks, hair accessories, dolls and the like. Merline wants to be a nurse. Her favorite food is rice, and she loves playing soccer. She walks 30 minutes to school and thanks me profusely for paying her tuition. She prays for me in church regularly.
Juanita Efird, Charlotte, NC
We walked on faith!
We trusted Acres of Hope, Uganda to grow and care for our sponsored child. Many mission members who had visited the orphanage had great excitement about the future growth of the school and program. 
Alison Daniel, Williamsons Chapel UMC