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How Scholarships Works

World of God supporters can help send a child to ICB (Institute Classique de Bayonnais) or Acres of Hope Uganda, accredited and established schools that would otherwise be unavailable to them, opening doors of opportunity through quality education.

A Personal Relationship

For $40-$50 per month you and your family can send a student to school and begin a personal relationship with the student and their community. You will exchange letters and photographs. You’ll find out what the student is learning and his/her future plans. You will have an opportunity to visit your child if you are interested in traveling to Haiti or Uganda.

Your scholarship will provide
School Supplies
Electricity for School
Portion of teachers’ salaries
Access to a library
One hot meal each day

Students waiting for scholarships

You may pay by monthly check, your credit card or bank account can be debited each month or you may choose to make one payment for a year.

One-Time Gifts

While scholarships are the preferred way to support education in Bayonnais, we recognize that some donors cannot make that level of commitment. Even if you cannot fund a scholarship, any level of support would be appreciated. Donations to the ICB Annual Fund can be made here.  Every donation makes a difference... from the cost of a visit to the dentist (less than $5) to a teacher’s annual salary (ranging from $1,300 to $2,750).  Thank you for your support.  Make a one-time donation now.

Sustainable Aid

Scholarships Have Already Made a Difference in Bayonnais!
Of the 40+ adults in leadership positions in Bayonnais, the majority attended school in Bayonnais and most received advanced degrees.  Scholarships made this possible.

These Leaders in Bayonnais are not only teachers; they are doctors, nurses, agronomists, and dentists.  All committed make Bayonnais a better place.

Acres of Hope Uganda

In Uganda, 25 children currently live full time in one of the three homes that have been completed at Acres of Hope Orphanage. This is a place where children find the love of Jesus, care of a mother, a bed, three meals a day, clean water, clothing, and the opportunity for an education. As funds become available many more homes are planned to accommodate many more children. (See Uganda News for more details.)
Visit the Acres of Hope website.